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Provide Career Preparation and Awareness for Transitioning Students. PCI's Career Folio is a reproducible curriculum that contains everything teachers need to organize relevant career facts into...

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Provide Career Preparation and Awareness for Transitioning Students.

PCI's Career Folio is a reproducible curriculum that contains everything teachers need to organize relevant career facts into one meaningful whole for their students, including reproducible blackline masters to help students organize their own Career Folios. It serves as both a career awareness program and career portfolio to be used in actual job searches during and after high school.

Each component of this well-organized, easy-to-use sampler is indispensable for preparing students for their future in the workplace. It provides a guided format for students to explore their thoughts and desires, plan seriously for their futures, and analyze their abilities as related to the working world. This comprehensive program takes students past the unrealistic "I want to be..." phase so that can make appropriate and rewarding choices.


The Career Folio Sampler Set includes a teacher's curriculum binder, two survey and two assessment tools:

Training Needs Survey
Identifies workforce readiness levels in these areas:

• Reasoning/Thinking
• Math
• Reading/Writing
• Listening/Speaking
• View of Personal Abilities
• Time Management
• Organizational Skills
• Interpersonal Skills
• Personal Qualities
• Company Awareness

Career Interest Survey
A nine-page survey that identifies optimum career areas using student responses to 74 interest/ability issues. It offers a quick and easy method of looking at career interests and aptitudes. Students can benefit from looking at their choices and abilities in relation to possible careers.

Basic Math Assessment
Measures math competency in necessary workplace skills.

Basic Language Assessment
Measures reading and writing competency in necessary workplace skills.

Teacher's Binder
An extensive guide to help students prepare and plan for joining the workforce. The guide begins with a useful and highly detailed overview of the program, objectives, and teaching suggestions, followed by tabbed sections.

The Career Folio Teacher's Binder includes:

Charting Your Interests
Charts on General Work Philosophies; Important Job Traits; Choices and Consequences

Career Interests
Interest Survey/Needs Summary Chart

Success Tools
• Job Tasks & You charts
• Time Management log
• Organizational Skills survey
• Interpersonal Skills survey
• Personal Strengths survey
• Specific Skills Wrap-Up chart

Resume/References/Letters Checklist
Students create a Career Folio using various work-related forms plus copies of high school diploma/GED certificate, awards or certificates they have won, social security card, and birth certificate.

Self-Report Cards/Showcase
The Career Participation Report Card allows students to grade themselves on such areas as teamwork, neatness, cooperation, project completion level, physical attendance, attending to purpose, and career tips collection.

Career Tips
A summary chart for students to record all career related advice or facts they would like to save as part of their permanent Career Folio.

• Student charts on
• Looking to Your Future
• What Is Important to You?
• Setting Post-Program Goals


Career Folio Sampler Set
• Teacher's Curriculum Binder
• Basic Work Skills Math/Assessment Administration
• Basic Work Skills Language/Quick Employee Survey
• Basic Work Skills Language/Assessment Administration
• Basic Work Skills Math/Quick Employee Survey
• Self Report Cards
• Resume, Reference, & Letter Checklist
• 10 Success Tools Forms (correlates with the Training Needs Survey)
• Showcase of Skills Form
• Career Tips
• Goal Charts
• Assessor Guide and Answer Key
• Basic Work Skills Training Needs Survey
• A 9-page Career Interest Survey form


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