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Pacemaker Basic Math is a comprehensive program that provides a solid, well-balanced approach to teaching math content and building math skills in whole numbers, basic arithmetic operations, and...

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Pacemaker Basic Math is a comprehensive program that provides a solid, well-balanced approach to teaching math content and building math skills in whole numbers, basic arithmetic operations, and mastery of simple geometry and algebra as it prepares students for the rigors of difficult standards and proficiency tests.

This program provides educators with tools to meet the needs of diverse classrooms, keep learning up-to-date and relevant, and create supportive learning environments for a range of learning styles. Correlated to the NCTM standards, the materials and techniques used in the program are accessible, predictable, age-appropriate, and relevant as it bridges the gap between varied abilities of students and the ladder to success in algebra.

Visual learners and struggling readers are supported with photographs, charts, graphs, and illustrations, and high-interest projects gear up students for lessons.

• Encourages students to progress at a pace that works for them through a manageable and consistent format.
• Reinforces student comprehension with frequent opportunities to assess student understanding.
• Equips students with the essential skills they need to master word problems through unique problem solving lessons.
• Fosters student success through single-concept lessons and stepped-out examples.

• Understanding Whole Numbers
• Adding Whole Numbers
• Subtracting Whole Numbers
• Multiplying Whole Numbers
• Dividing Whole Numbers
• More About Numbers
• Fractions and Mixed Numbers
• Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
• Adding and Subtracting Fractions
• Decimals
• Percents
• Ratios and Proportions
• Graphs and Statistics
• Customary Measurement
• Metric Measurement
• Geometry
• Integers
• Algebra

MATERIALS (sold separately):

Student Edition - Makes great literature accessible by adapting selections in an attractive, age-appropriate format. This program builds knowledge of cultural and historical contexts. Comprehension is enhanced with clear design, photos, and art.

Student Workbook - Fosters content understanding and skill development and retention through review, reinforcement, and applications, and with extensive practice correlated to every lesson in the Student Edition.

Teacher's Answer Edition - Included are easily accessible answers and teaching suggestions right on the student pages; suggestions and tips for diagnosing and avoiding common errors; point-of-use support to ease classroom management; suggestions for projects and activities; ESL tips; and annotations to link practice, assessment, and other support throughout the program.

Teacher's Planning Guide - Correlates to other program resources to speed lesson planning; provides diagnostic and assessment tools to make it easy to place students in the program; and targets instruction for diverse learning styles.

Answer Key - Contains answers for the Student Edition, Student Workbook, and Classroom Resource Binder.

Classroom Resource Binder - Extend and support lessons with more than 300 reproducible worksheets that parallel the Student Edition. Vocabulary exercises, frequent assessment through two parallel chapter tests, practice in standardized test format and cumulative Unit Tests, and concise review with worked-out problems are included.

Interactive Classroom Resource CD - This supplemental CD offers an easy-to-use electronic format of the Pacemaker Basic Mathematics Classroom Resource Binder. With this tool, teachers can speed lesson planning, ease classroom management, and meet individual student needs. In addition, they can quickly and easily create, modify, and print practice worksheets, tests, and quizzes through test-generating software powered by ExamView®*. The Student Study Guide Online provides extensive practice and review in an interactive format for students to use at their own pace and with immediate feedback. Also included is an Online Portfolio to track student progress.

ESL/ELL Teacher's Guide - Highlights ways to modify and optimize teaching techniques with strategies and tips for ESL/ELL students. Offers leveled questions that assess students' comprehension.

ESL/ELL Teacher's Resource Package - Includes ESL/ELL Teacher's Guide and Teacher's Answer Edition

Classroom Set with Resource Binder - 10 Student Editions and 1 Classroom Resource Binder.

Classroom Set with Interactive Resource CD - 10 Student Editions and 1 Interactive Classroom Resources.

Inclusion Class Set with Resource Binder- Includes 10 Student Editions, 2 Teacher's Answer Editions, and 2 Classroom Resource Binders.

Inclusion Class Set with Interactive Resource CD - Includes 10 Student Editions, 2 Teacher's Answer Editions, and 2 Interactive Classroom Resource CDs.

p>* ExamView® is a test-generator software that you can easily install on your hard drive to create, modify, and print tests, quizzes, worksheets, your own questions, and much more, giving you maximum assessment and practice flexibility.To view a sample of the Interactive Study Guide Online, visit www.pacemaker-online.com.

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