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Product Type: Kit Teacher's Guide: Yes Authors: Gary M. Clark and James R. Patton Number of Pages: 223 pages (Administration and Resource Guide) Components: 25 Profile and Further Assessment...

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Product Type: Kit
Teacher's Guide: Yes
Authors: Gary M. Clark and James R. Patton
Number of Pages: 223 pages (Administration and Resource Guide)
Components: 25 Profile and Further Assessment Recommendation Forms, 25 School Forms, 25 Home Forms, 25 Student Forms, Storage Box
Age Appropriate Level: Secondary Special Education
Copyright: 1997

The Transition Planning Inventory is a complete kit designed to identify and plan for the comprehensive transitional needs of students by providing school personnel with a systematic way to address this issue. This kit offers materials that meet the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) transition requirements.

This valuable kit can serve as the main vehicle for identifying transition needs, complement existing procedures, or lead to more detailed assessment. The most important outcome is to identify transition needs regardless of methodology, develop necessary plans, and act on goals.

The suggested sequence of activities for using the Transition Planning Inventory kit follows. Students, parents or guardians, and school-based personnel complete the appropriate forms of the TPI kit. A school-based person collects the completed forms and profiles the results. All parties meet to discuss the student's transition requirements, accomplished by reviewing the profiles, incorporating assessment information, and identifying and prioritizing needs. At this meeting, school-based personnel fill in the Planning Notes Form for targeted areas. This provides a logical way of identifying additional assessment that may be required in addition to knowledge/skills goals that need to be written into the IEP.

The complete kit contains 25 each of the following forms, to be completed by the student, the student's parents or guardians, and one or more professionals at schools participating in the assessment. Extra sets of 25 may be ordered separately. The entire kit is packaged in a heavy-duty cardboard storage box.

The TPI consists of 46 transition planning statements, organized according to planning areas: Employment, Further Education/Training, Daily Living, Leisure Activities, Community Participation, Health, Self-Determination, Communication, and Interpersonal Relationships. Each planning area has three or more items related to knowledge, skills, or behaviors associated with successful adjustment in that area.

The rater selects the level of agreement with statements that reflect the present level of performance or current level of functioning, on a scale of 0 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).

TPI Profile and Further Assessment Recommendations Form.
This form addresses employability/vocational aptitude; life skills; social/emotional/behavioral assessment; academic achievement; student's preferences and interests; likely postschool settings; and more.

TPI School Form.
This form addresses likely postschool living arrangements; employment training history; and a rating chart to asses the level of competence for each statement regarding employability (examples: knows how to get a job, makes informed choices, knows the required demands of their preferred occupation, etc.)

TPI Home Form.
This form addresses likely postschool living arrangements; employment and training history; postschool living arrangements; and planning areas regarding employment.

TPI Student Form.
This form includes a section with 15 questions eliciting responses regarding interests and preferences on current and future activities. Students rate themselves on likely postschool settings; their employment/training goals; and how they see themselves regarding employment (examples: I know about jobs I'm interested in and what they require, I can choose a job that fits my interests and abilities, I have the work habits and attitudes for keeping a job and being promoted, etc.)

Teacher's Guide.
The 223-page Administration and Resource Guide features the following information:
-An overview of the instrument
-Background information on transition planning and assessment
-Detailed administration procedures
-Guidelines for interpreting and using the results of the TPI, including three extensive case studies and eight mini-case studies
-Information regarding the technical features of the TPI
-Appendices A and B are blackline masters of the Planning Notes Form, the principal document used for moving from assessment to individualized planning; and the Parent Preferences and Interests Form. (Note: These are the only two forms that are reproducible.)
-An extensive list of more than 600 transition goals correlated to each planning statement
-Comprehensive resource list

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