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Product Type: Book Author: Darlene Mannix Number of Pages: 523 pages Reproducible: Yes Reading Level: Low-level reading for students with special needs Age Appropriate Level: Grades 7-12 Copyright:...

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Product Type: Book
Author: Darlene Mannix
Number of Pages: 523 pages
Reproducible: Yes
Reading Level: Low-level reading for students with special needs
Age Appropriate Level: Grades 7-12
Copyright: 1995

This unique collection includes 190 reproducible, illustrated activity sheets for educators, counselors, parents, and others who are involved in helping adolescents with special needs. As children mature, their life needs change. Adolescents need to develop a variety of skills as they prepare to complete their formal education and look forward to life beyond school. This valuable resource will assist students in this age group acquire the basic skills necessary for independence and success in everyday living.

The book is divided into seven sections with 190 specific activities, each of which can be taught to a group of students or adjusted to meet individual needs. The activities are completely flexible and can be used in any order. Modifications can easily be made on the activities for adapting them for individual/classroom use, allowing for complete student involvement at every level. Sample activity titles are in parentheses:

Interpersonal Skills.
30 lessons covering the areas of considering one's uniqueness and that of others, friendship skills, and being part of a family (Spotlight on Me, Spotlight on Others, Working in a Group, Making Friends, My Family Tree)

Communication Skills.
15 lessons to teach understanding others, expressing yourself, and conflict resolution (Being a Careful Listener, Collecting Your Thoughts, Preparing for Speaking in Public, Be Convincing, Compromising)

Academic and School Skills.
32 activities in the subjects of reading, writing, math, and study skills (Reading on the Job, Writing Clearly, Proofreading, Everyday Math Situations, Getting Organized, Studying Smarter)

Practical Living Skills.
39 activities for getting information, managing money, managing a home, driving, and traveling (Where to Get Information, Making a Budget, Maintaining a Checking Account, Home Upkeep, Car Insurance, Planning a Trip)

Vocational Skills.
22 lessons related to present skills and interests, using school records, and entering the world of work (What Are You Good At?, Choosing Classes, Post-School Planning, Getting Work Experience, A Job Application)

Lifestyle Choices.
27 activities covering values, taking a personal habit inventory, sexual issues, having a good reputation, and stress management (Values Important to Me, Exercise, Hygiene, Healthy Dating, Teenage Pregnancy, How You Appear to Others, Coping with Stress, Getting Help)

Problem-Solving Skills.
25 lessons on handling problem situations, making decisions, resource management, setting goals, and taking risks (Adjusting to Change, Needs vs. Wants, Time Management, Setting Your Priorities, Realistic Goals, Rate the Risk, Learning from Mistakes)

Special Features
Each activity focuses on a specific skill within the context of "real-life" situations and contains the following components: (1) an objective that specifies the lesson's focus; (2) the importance of the objective; (3) introductory activities that "ready" the class to pay attention; (4) a ready-to-use worksheet with accompanying answers, materials list, and discussion questions; (5) several extension activities that can be presented as optional lessons; and (6) evaluation activities that can be assigned as a quiz or simply as a quick review of the material. Also included is a list of parent activities which can be reproduced and given to parents to use in conjunction with classroom work.

About the Author
Darlene Mannix has been both a special and regular education teacher for 15 years, and the author of many practical resources for teachers. She holds a B.S. from Taylor University and a Master's degree in Learning Disabilities from Indiana University. She is the author of Oral Language Activities for Special Children and Social Skills Activities for Special Children.

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