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PCI's complete Life Skills Series I and II features 16 games, proven effective for secondary students with special learning and behavioral needs. Written and developed by PCI's Janie...

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Overview - EATING SKILLS I.P.R.s - SET OF 10

PCI's complete Life Skills Series I and II features 16 games, proven effective for secondary students with special learning and behavioral needs. Written and developed by PCI's Janie Cagle-McLane, these programs are used by teachers to teach all students to be successful in the subject of "life." The fun-to-play programs encourage socialization and positive behavioral reactions, while offering basic life-skills instruction that promotes independence.

Eating Skills: Learning Basic Table Manners is one of eight Life Skills Series I games designed to teach appropriate behavior in various settings. The game teaches proper table manners at home and in restaurants. Students land on a category identified by a full-color illustration, draw a card from the matching card deck, and read and answer a question. Blank draw cards are included for customization of questions.

The Eating Skills game is ideal for inclusive, self-contained, and resource classrooms, because the object is not to win or lose, but to improve the following skills:

• using fast food eating procedures
• using a napkin while eating
• handling messy foods
• demonstrating good posture at table
• cleaning spilled food/drink from clothes
• using sit-down restaurant procedures
• using acceptable behavior at mealtime
• eating a baked potato, buttering bread, and eating soup
• identifying items in a place setting
• identifying acceptable finger foods
• using serving utensils
• following guidelines for dinner guests
• using condiments

Individual Progress Reports
Progress reports are designed to monitor an individual's social skills throughout the training. The reports feature a pretest column that allows for individual skills assessment prior to beginning the program. Progress reports also serve as record keeping guides to track student progress.

Teacher's Guide
The guide provides detailed instructions for playing the game and using the blank draw cards. It includes a sample individual progress report, lists the benefits of the Life Skills Series, and offers tips for using the program with various groups. The teacher's guide includes draw card questions and answers, plus practice activities for reinforcement. Teaching strategies are also included throughout the guide.

Eating Skills encourages the following positive interpersonal skills:

Specific Objective Training-Group Setting
• Teaches different objectives to different players

Generalization Training-Group Setting
• Reinforces basic table manners already learned, but not always demonstrated during mealtime
• Promotes group discussion on all aspects of eating

One-On-One Player Training with Staff
• Player training on objective of a private nature (weight loss, embarrassing eating habits, out-of-control behavior at the dining table, etc.)

Leadership/Self-Esteem Training
• Individual who has mastered Eating Skills can function as the game monitor
• Individual can use the game to build self-esteem before training on more difficult and potentially frustrating topics

Leisure Time Activity
• Individuals who enjoy group settings can play for fun during leisure time

Additional Blank Draw Cards (set of 20) and Individual Progress Reports (10-pack) may be purchased separately.

Program Components
• 18.5- by 18.5-inch laminated Game Board
• 15 Draw Cards
• 6 Individual Progress Reports
• 5 Blank Draw Cards
• 6 colored Game Pieces
• 1 Die
• Teacher's Guide

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