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This collection of Survival Signs Worksheets , developed by PCI’s Janie Haugen-McLane, gives individuals written practice in learning the functional meaning of important signage at home, at...

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This collection of Survival Signs Worksheets, developed by PCI’s Janie Haugen-McLane, gives individuals written practice in learning the functional meaning of important signage at home, at work, and in the community. The easy-to-follow worksheets feature large, detailed illustrations of the signs to help participants with limited reading skills.

The 200 reproducible blackline masters are a perfect hands-on complement to the entire Survival Signs Curriculum, sold separately. Effective with students of all ages, the worksheet format helps visual learners, and those with limited reading and/or comprehension skills, learn to recognize the picture symbols and the written words on signs.

Divided into two tabbed sections, the sturdy three-ring binder contains the worksheets that cover the signs in groups of five. As participants become familiar with the first group, additional signs are added to the worksheet program. After 10 signs have been covered, review worksheets mix the survival signs for more challenging practice. This process is continued until all 80 signs have been taught and reviewed.

The worksheet formats help participants learn to recognize both the international symbols and/or the written words on the survival signs. Participants are asked to perform tasks such as Match the Sign, Circle the Sign, Circle the Word, and Complete the Sign. Focusing on the picture symbols helps visual learners and individuals with little or no reading skills understand the meaning of signs when in the community.

Complete instructions on “Getting Started” take teachers through a simple step-by-step process for getting the most out of the materials. An Answer Key is also included.

Indoor Signs Worksheets 
This set assists individuals in recognizing survival signs they need to know when choosing a restroom, determining wheelchair accessibility of a building, entering or leaving a store, using stairs or elevators, approaching a wet floor, exiting a building during a fire drill or actual fire, locating a water fountain, using the escalator at a hotel, and more.

Outdoor Signs Worksheets 
This set assists individuals in recognizing survival signs they need to know when walking in their neighborhood or community, helping the driver of a vehicle watch for directional signs, crossing parking lots, walking to a bus stop, walking to school, and riding a bicycle.

Indoor Survival Signs

• Accessible
• Ask for Restroom Key
• Automatic Door
• Closed
• Do Not Touch
• Elevator
• Escalator
• Exit
• Fire Extinguisher
• First Aid
• Flammable
• Food
• Guide Dogs Allowed
• Hard Hat Area
• In and Out
• In Case of Fire, Use Stairs
• Keep Out
• Men's Restroom
• No Alcohol or Drugs
• No Food or Drinks
• No Pets
• No Smoking
• No Weapons
• Not an Exit
• Open
• Out of Order
• Poison
• Recycle
• Restroom
• Shoplifters/Prosecuted
• Slippery When Wet
• Smoking Area
• Stairs
• Waiting Area
• Wash Hands
• Watch Your Step
• Water Fountain
• Wet Floor
• Wet Paint
• Women's Restroom

Outdoor Survival Signs

• Airport
• Beware of Dog
• Bike Route
• Buckle Up for Safety
• Bus Stop
• Call 911 Emergency
• Do Not Enter
• Don't Walk
• Fire Station
• Flood Gauge
• High Voltage/Danger
• Hospital
• Keep Off the Grass
• Neighborhood Crime Watch
• No Bicycles
• No Diving
• No Parking
• No Swimming
• No Trespassing
• No Walking
• One Way
• Pedestrian Crossing
• Phone
• Picnic Area
• Pitch In!
• Railroad Crossing
• Reserved Parking/Disabilities
• School Xing
• School Xing/Hearing Impair
• School Zone/Speed Limit 20
• Signal Ahead
• Slow/Children at Play
• Speed Limit 30
• Stop
• Stop Ahead
• Street Crossing
• Walk
• Wrong Way
• Yield
• Yield Ahead

Each program in the Survival Signs series is designed to complement all of PCI's Survival Signs Programs. The complete Survival Signs series includes:
• Survival Signs Curriculum
• Survival Signs Activity Cards
• Survival Signs Bingo Games
• Survival Signs Magnets
• Survival Signs Games
• Survival Signs Posters
• Survival Signs Software
• Survival Signs Wall Posters
• Survival Signs Worksheets


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Customer Reviews
"Survival Signs" by Ms. L  Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Survival Signs cards and accompanying worksheets are great for my 3rd-5th grade special needs classroom. Students are excited to learn with them and they are of high interest.


The worksheets allow for independent testing of knowledge. Assessment worksheets are included with the worksheets.


The signs are in alphabetical order, rather than order of importance.


"Love it!" by J  Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have used this with students in a self-contained life skills classroom. We started with the posters and then added in the worksheets. The worksheets helped with the comprehension piece and adding additional activities to just reading the signs. It was also helpful since we didn't always get out into the community. The worksheets were also easy for my Instrutional Assistants to follow.



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