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Advanced math skills can be a huge hurdle for students, especially for struggling learners who fear falling behind or failing. With these tools teachers can eliminate the fear factor of math, and...

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Advanced math skills can be a huge hurdle for students, especially for struggling learners who fear falling behind or failing. With these tools teachers can eliminate the fear factor of math, and students will gain confidence and succeed mastering critical math skills. For Grades 3-12.

These are the TOUCHMATH kits PCI has in stock:

Skip Counting Kit
Skip counting is the single most powerful tool teachers can give their students. It helps clarify the entire number system. As students use various number sequences, they begin to develop an understanding of multiplication, division, fractions, algebra and other advanced math skills. Using auditory, visual and tactile/kinesthetic techniques, students quickly learn to skip count efficiently and to perform beginning multiplication.

These grids, graphs, number searches, mazes, jokes, dot-to-dots and other creative activities put the fun in learning the fundamentals of skip counting. Graphics and vocabulary suitable for older students help build their self-esteem and self-confidence. This is the most important kit in laying the foundation for more advanced math.

Multiplication & Division 1 Kit
Using this classroom-proven skip counting methodology and exercises involving a single numeral (for instance, multiplying by 6, dividing by 6, renaming fractions by 6, etc.), guesswork is elminated. With each correct answer, students experience positive reinforcement and build self-esteem. This award-winning kit also includes many hands-on, multisensory teaching aids to reinforce the concepts presented. Students will confidently transition from the basics of multiplication and division to elementary pre-algebra.

Multiplication & Division 2 Kit
In addition to the digital technology students rely upon, it is important that they continue to develop their problem-solving abilities. This step-by-step, multisensory methodology and signature visual cues, such as column dividers and regrouping boxes, provide the scaffolding students need to become proficient in more advanced multiplication and division. This kit also introduces estimation, a strategy so commonplace in our daily lives, we forget that it’s an acquired skill. Students who master this material can move confidently into new and challenging learning frontiers.

Word Problems 2 Kit
This kit has been strategically stepped-off and paced to ensure mastery. 100 pages of multiplication problems provide rich experiences that help students internalize patterns and recognize key words. Division problems are then introduced and explored. These sections are followed by mixed operation problems that include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Appropriate vocabulary and pictorial representations seamlessly guide students through the complexities of word problems.

Fractions Kit
This kit ollows a logical and sequential learning process. All steps needed to learn a new skill are explained and demonstrated in careful detail. This is started by introducing the information students need to understand and write fractions. Then the program helps teach them how to add and subtract like and unlike fractions and identify proper and improper fractions. Progress tests make sure students are transforming their fractional understanding into a logical whole.

Money Kit
This kit gives students tangible evidence that math is important in their daily lives. The simple word problems and activities provide real-life examples of using money. Hundres of activities address counting and spending money and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing money. Students participate in realistic exercises involved in maintaining a checking account such as writing checks, maintaining check registers and calculating account balances.

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