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The Basic Series Bundle increases basic reading and language arts skills by addressing key reading, grammar, writing and vocabulary concepts and skills. This is a comprehensive series of...

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The Basic Series Bundle increases basic reading and language arts skills by addressing key reading, grammar, writing and vocabulary concepts and skills. This is a comprehensive series of reproducible binders filled with activities and strategies to build skills for students with learning differences and struggling readers.


Basic Reading Series addresses essential, basic reading comprehension skills. Each of the three binders in the series features over 100 activities that utilize multiple instructional modalities, making the program effective for students with different learning styles. This reading comprehension program provides teaching strategies and practice activities that help teachers make the most of their students' reading instruction. All three binders include topics and activities that are appropriate for middle and high school students struggling with reading.

Each unit has teaching instruction pages with directions for introducing and applying each skill. Numerous follow-up activity sheets provide students with multiple opportunities for practicing critical reading comprehension skills. The activities are appropriate for individual, small-group, and whole-class instruction. Activities progress in difficulty while maintaining a low reading level, remaining short in length, and continuing to use simple vocabulary. Both fiction and nonfiction passages feature high-interest, "real-world" topics and visual aids, such as charts and time lines, that captivate students' interest.

Binder 1: Introduces and simplifies ten basic reading skills: Context Clues, Cause and Effect, Details, Main Idea, Story Elements, Sequencing, Predicting Outcomes, Drawing Conclusions, Summarizing, and Fiction and Nonfiction. (Reading Level 1.0-2.0)

Binder 2: Builds on and reinforces skills introduced in Binder 1. (Reading Level 2.0-2.5)

Binder 3: Higher-level thinking and reading skills are addressed but not taught as individual skills. They include: inferring, analyzing, evaluating, retelling, and more. (Reading Level 3.0)

Review & Assessment
Reflect and Review activities cover several previously taught skills, showing students how skills are interrelated and how they build upon one another. Two assessments in test-preparation format are included at the end of each unit, and comprehensive final assessments are provided at the end of each binder.


The Basic Vocabulary Series teaches basic vocabulary words with reproducible activities, which improve students' reading skills. Throughout this two-binder series, students read and learn specific vocabulary words. Reproducible activities, often with illustrations, are presented in multiple formats to help students with different learning styles. Each binder features age-appropriate activities. Written for students who need to practice their reading skills.

Binder 1: Includes seven units that cover basic vocabulary words with activities written at a low reading level, between 2.5-3.5. Vocabulary Words is the first unit in binder one, including lessons on the most basic "real-world" words that students encounter.

Binder 2: Includes a total of six units with activities and vocabulary words at a higher reading level (about 3.5-4.5) than those presented in binder one.

Six units in both binders introduce one skill each of the following skills in fun activities: Context Clues, Compound Words, Synonyms and Antonyms, Homophones, Multiple Meanings, and Base Words.

Review & Assessment
Each of the units in the binders include a progress chart, listing all of the words covered in the unit. Charts provide a tool for teachers to track students' progress in acquiring and correctly using vocabulary words addressed in each unit. Every unit, except the first unit called Vocabulary Words in binder one, concludes with an assessment sheet. Assessments measure students' mastery of vocabulary words and skills by the end of each unit.


Basic Grammar Series incorporates essential grammar skills in three leveled binders, each including more than 200 activities. The program offers a variety of activities in order to help students fully master each skill. Worksheets have been designed to address the major learning modalities (visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic). Each of the three binders is leveled, beginning with the most basic grammar skills in Binder 1 and gradually increasing the difficulty level in Binders 2 and 3. The reading level also increases from 1.0 to 3.0.

All three binders are organized in the same manner, making the program easy to use. Each binder contains a correlations chart featuring skill objectives so that teachers can easily reference specific skills pertinent to their students' needs. Each binder contains 8-13 units. The beginning of each unit includes a teacher page complete with instructions for motivating the students, as well as suggested activities to use in class and to take home. Also included is a parent letter that explains the unit students will be studying and offers suggested home activities that will reinforce the skill.

Binder 1: What Is a Sentence?, Parts of a Sentence, Nouns, Verbs, Articles, Capitalization, Punctuation, and Word Usage.

Binder 2: What Is a Sentence?, Parts of a Sentence, Nouns, Pronouns, Special Words, Abbreviations, Verbs, Adjectives, Capitalization, Punctuation, and Word Usage.

Binder 3: What Is a Sentence?, Parts of a Sentence, Nouns, Pronouns, Special Words, Abbreviations, Verbs, Adjectives, Capitalization, Contractions, Prefixes and Suffixes, Punctuation, and Word Usage.

Review & Assessment
At the end of each unit is a Reflect and Review activity that focuses on the skills currently being covered, as well as a previously taught skill. Through this type of practice format, students will begin to see how skills are interrelated, building on each other. Each unit concludes with multiple assessments in test-preparation format. Each binder concludes with final assessments to determine student progress.


Basic Writing Series teaches the writing process through simple, sequential steps. Activities progress in difficulty from the first binder to the third. The series begins with writing letters and words, moves to writing one and then two paragraphs, and finally leads to writing several paragraphs in a specific format. Binders feature various writing prompts to motivate beginning and struggling writers. Students learn to organize their thoughts and understand the writing process while building writing confidence.

In six units, each binder teaches students to write using the "Think, Organize, Write" method, which incorporates the use of graphic organizers. This method helps students organize and visualize their writing, encouraging successful writing habits. The editing process is taught as an integral part of the program and emphasized through lessons and checklists.

Binder 1: " Think, Organize, Write" is introduced. By the time the students complete the last unit, they will be able to "think" of a topic and main idea, "organize" their ideas, and put their ideas together to "write" a paragraph. Covers letters of the alphabet, everyday vocabulary words, sentence writing, and simple paragraph writing.

Binder 2: Units begin with an idea inventory so students can reference words or phrases to help with brainstorming. The units continue with a review of one-paragraph writing and then progress to writing two paragraphs about general topics. In final practice activities, students learn to put their own ideas together and use descriptive words to make their writing more interesting.

Binder 3: Units begin with an idea inventory before moving to the three-paragraph process. The main focus of this binder is to teach students three types of writing: descriptive, narrative, and how-to.

Review & Assessment
Progress charts, scoring rubrics, and student writing checklists are provided to help the teacher review and assess students' progress to determine which skills may need to be reinforced.


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