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PCI Education Celebrates 20th Year of Enhancing Special Education

Date: Monday, October 10, 2011

PCI Education Celebrates 20th Year of Enhancing Special Education

Company Commemorates Anniversary With Focus on The Future



SAN ANTONIO (October 10, 2011) – After two decades of developing products and services for learners with special needs, PCI Education is looking ahead to the trends that will shape the next 20 years in special education. Since 1991, PCI Education has developed more than 200 special education products, helping students of all abilities succeed in school and in the community.


Entering its third decade, PCI Education is already embracing the trends that will shape special education. “We look forward to participating in the reinvention of education media as technology and print merge,” said Lee Wilson, president and CEO of PCI Education. “In addition, we’ll continue to find more engaging and effective ways to give students with the greatest needs access to academic and life skills.”


PCI Education has always had a vision for improving the quality of life for learners with special needs. The company’s founders, Janie Haugen-McClane, Jeff McLane and Larry Felder, sought to teach individuals basic life skills through engaging, peer-based learning games and programs designed to nurture personal growth. As a result, the first Life Skills Game was developed. Soon after, PCI Education mailed its first catalog with eight Life Skills Games to 10,000 customers.


In the first decade, PCI Education expanded its product offerings, including the industry’s first survival sign, money math, and behavior skills programs, many of which are still offered by the company today. PCI Education combined these offerings with first-in-class products from other publishers, to become the premier provider of resources for students with special needs.


As PCI Education continued to thrive, the company’s portfolio of products grew to include more complete curricula, as well as a wide variety of supplemental programs for language arts, science and social studies. PCI Education became known for its targeted approach to critical skills, as well as a commitment to age-appropriate, high interest products for students.


Several of the larger programs, such as the PCI Reading Program, have received national recognition from The Association of Educational Publishers. In 2010, the company acquired five intervention programs from Kaplan K12 Learning Services, expanding its services to students in general education who struggle to keep up with peers at their grade level.


“Beyond the national recognition and business growth, our commitment to students remains the same as it did 20 years ago: help students achieve their goals by working with their strengths instead of their weaknesses,” said Wilson.


About PCI Education

PCI Education offers more than 7,500 instructional materials for a wide range of students with special needs, including significant or developmental disabilities such as autism.  In addition, the company’s products are used in English language learner and adult literacy classes, and to help students performing below grade level.  Based in San Antonio, PCI Education has been helping educators lead students to success in school, at home and in the community since 1991.  For more information, visit www.pcieducation.com or phone 800-594-4263.


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For more information:

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--Denise Jacks, PCI Education, 800-594-4263, ext. 123, djacks@pcieducation.com

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