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LIFT by PCI - Intensive Intervention Programs

LIFT from PCI Education

All Lift Programs:

• Target critical academic gaps
• Engage the learner
• Support the teacher

Lift by PCI Education

Algebra city from PCI Education

Algebra City

A brand new mathematics intervention program created to help students build an understanding of key concepts needed to pass Algebra I.    LEARN MORE

Text connections by PCI Education


Reading intervention course that helps students develop comprehensive skills and strategies, vocabulary, fluency and MORE.

Momentum Math by PCI education

Momentum Math

Re-engages students who have given up on mathematics because they have fallen so far behind. LEARN MORE

Summer Ventures

Summer Ventures - Reading & Writing

Engages adolescent learners in acquiring the most critical skills through motivating high-interest lessons. LEARN MORE



PCI Education announces LIFT, a new line of intensive intervention programs targeted to middle school and high school students. LIFT is designed for struggling students who are performing two or more years below grade level, have learning differences, or are English language learners.

All LIFT programs…    
•          target critical academic gaps,
•          engage the learner, and
•          support the teacher,
in order to raise student performance.

Targets Critical Academic Gaps Addressing students’ critical academic gaps in the middle school and high school years is essential to improving their prospects for high school graduation. LIFT intervention programs focus deeply on the key foundational academic content areas—reading, writing, and math.

LIFT programs are structured around core research and best practices in adolescent learning. Academic and content-area vocabulary play a key role in LIFT, expanding students’ comprehension and building success in learning.

Engages the Learner Re-engaging the disengaged student is a primary goal of LIFT. Programs are characterized by strong visual supports; real-world examples; and high-interest, contemporary themes and topics. LIFT incorporates people and characters
that students can identify with, and calls on learners to make personal connections by reflecting on what they’ve just learned and how it applies in their lives.

Lessons value what students already know and build incrementally to enable students to consolidate their learning. Strengthening self-confidence is integral to the lesson structure as students focus on lesson content.

Supports the Teacher  LIFT recognizes that supporting the teacher is key to engaging the learner. All LIFT programs provide comprehensive materials with clear, step-by-step instructions. Each lesson follows a consistent routine, enabling teachers to concentrate
on content and student performance. Assessments let teachers know how students are progressing and where gaps persist.

Recommendations for differentiation are included at point of use. Programs are flexible, with multiple implementation models available. All LIFT programs feature professional development, which is embedded in some programs and provided as a stand-alone resource in others. PCI Education also offers on-site implementation training and coaching for all LIFT programs.


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