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PCI Reading Program for Special Needs RTI, Intervention Materials from PCI Education
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PRO-ED acquires PCI Education


In December 2012, PRO-ED Inc. acquired the assets of PCI Education. PRO-ED has a long history of providing assessments, books, materials, and journals for use with individuals with disabilities of all ages. We are proud to incorporate PCI’s extensive collection of high quality special education materials and curricula for struggling learners into the PRO-ED line.

For questions or assistance please see www.proedinc.com, or contact us at 800-897-3202, and by FAX at 800-397-7633.



Research-based special education resources that are designed and created specifically for students with special needs, learning differences, and struggling learners. The unique products we provide are relevant and effective tools for:


•  Struggling Readers and NonReaders
•  Intensive intervention programs for Math & Reading
•  Autism Educational Resources
•  ESL Materials – for English Language Learners (ELL)
•  Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
•  Regular Education, Early Academics

Common Core Standards     

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