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Algebra City is a targeted intervention for Grades 8-10


NEW! Targeted Algebra Intervention for Grades 8–10

  • Works with any Algebra Core Curriculum
  • Focuses on the 28 most common algebraic misconceptions
  • Targeted instruction based on pinpoint assessment
  • Research-based design
  • Graphic-novel-style characters model real-world problem solving

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 ALgebra city online 

Algebra City is a mathematics intervention program created especially to help students build an understanding of key concepts, procedures, and representations needed to master and pass Algebra I. When traditional texts frequently can be “a mile wide and an inch deep,” Algebra City encourages students to delve deeply into the most critical content: the 28 common misconceptions where students have the most difficulties in algebra. Each of the four Student Editions covers seven of these misconceptions.

Engages the Learner - Motivating graphic-novel elements encourage students to make algebraic connections and uncover relationships with multiple representations and mathematical models. Students construct meaning through carefully scaffolded examples, engaging discussions, purposeful writing, and links to real-world connections.

Provides Supports for the Teacher - Algebra City incorporates research-based best practices that clearly link success in Algebra I to the completion of high school, college, and beyond.

Materials Include:
  • Targeted Assessments to support data-driven decision making

  • Robust delivery instructions with point-of-use references to engage students in active instruction

  • Structured learning interactions that integrate the learning environment, students’ working memory and students’ long-term memory

  • Questions to scaffold effective classroom discussions, lesson extensions, problem rationales, and additional practice

  • Integration of the Common Core State Standards into each unit

  • Strategies for Differentiation focused on struggling students and English language learners

  • Connections to technology and the real world to help prepare students for the 21st century

 Algebra City Student books

Algebra city teachers editions


Flexibility in Program Delivery -- Targeted instruction enables Algebra City to be used in inclusion settings, individualized or small-group instruction, tutoring, double-period or shadow classes, and summer school.

Student Edition -- Single Pack includes four Student Editions (Books 1–4) covering all 28 misconceptions. 5-Pack includes 20 books total (5 each of Books 1–4).

Teacher’s Kit -- Includes four Teacher’s Editions that correspond to the Student Editions, ExamView Assessment Suite CD, Keys to the City Teacher’s Resource CD, and Algebra City Interactive Activities (web-based practice problems).

Classroom Starter Pack -- Includes all the items in the Teacher’s Kit plus a 10-pack of Student Editions.



Practice is an Adventure with

Algebra City Interactive Activities!

Web-based activities provide additional concept practice in a fun and motivating way. The Algebra City Interactive Activities consist of an introduction reviewing the story and 28 adventures that correspond directly to the 28 most common misconceptions in the Student Edition.

Students choose their own web-based practice activities on the interactive Algebra City map from among adventures corresponding to the 28 misconceptions.


Algebra city Online Interactive Activities

Clear graphics and icons allow for easy navigation.

Opening dialog sets the storyline within an activity; closing dialog reinforces the correct concept.


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Algebra City OnlineInteractive Activities!



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Algebra City Research Bibliography

Algebra City: 28 Algebraic Misconceptions


PCI Education Breaks New Ground in Algebra Intervention

Date: Monday, January 30, 2012

PCI Education Breaks New Ground in Algebra Intervention

Algebra City  Focuses on the 28 Most Common Misconceptions about Algebra as Part of Assessment-Driven Intervention


SAN ANTONIO (Jan. 30, 2012) – With many states requiring Algebra I to graduate from high school, algebra has become one of the gateway courses to school and career success. Yet upwards of 60 to 70 percent of students struggle with algebra or fail to pass state-mandated proficiency exams.PCI Education, the premier provider of resources for students with specialized instructional needs, introduces Algebra City™, a blended intervention program focusing on the 28 most common algebraic misconceptions.

Research shows that many students misunderstand the concepts, procedures and representations needed to master and pass Algebra I. Algebra City aims to keep students on track by using pinpoint assessment to identify where a student is struggling conceptually, and providing thorough and multiple approaches to correcting the misconception. Algebra City may be used for intervention with any core Algebra I curriculum.

According to Algebra City author Dr. Donna Craighead, the program’s four Student Editions differ from traditional algebra textbooks. Whereas textbooks use a linear model, as an intervention program Algebra City uses assessment data to target instruction only where needed. The graphic novel-style Student Editions use avatar-like characters to encourage students to re-engage with algebra in new and exciting ways, including an online adventure island where students can solve practice problems.

“With Algebra City, students construct meaning through multiple representations, mathematical models, scaffolded examples, peer-to-peer discussions, purposeful writing, and links to real-world examples,” said Craighead. For teachers, the program offers easy-to-use instructional support. The Teacher’s Edition features point-of-use references to help educators uncover misconceptions, test students’ conclusions and engage them in active instruction.

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Algebra City is a four-part series, with each book covering seven misconceptions. The series is divided into Algebra Essentials, Equations & Inequalities, Graphing, and Polynomials & Factoring. The ExamView Assessment Suite for Algebra City includes readymade pre- and post-tests at the program, book and unit levels, an item bank and test generator, and robust reporting.

“Too often, students struggle to learn critical algebra skills they need both inside and outside the classroom,” said Lee Wilson, president and CEO of PCI Education. “Algebra City is targeted intervention that encourages students to reconnect to algebra in one or more areas of misunderstanding, while allowing teachers to leverage the investment in their core algebra curriculum.”

Algebra City is one of five new offerings from PCI Education that provide intensive intervention and remediation in reading, writing, and math for students in grades 6-12.  





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