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PRO-ED Acquires PCI Education

In December, 2012, PRO-ED, Inc. acquired the assets of PCI Education. PRO-ED has a long history of providing assessments, books, materials, and journals for use with individuals with disabilities of all ages. We are proud to incorporate PCI’s extensive collection of high quality special education materials and curricula for struggling learners into the PRO-ED line.

For questions or assistance please see www.proedinc.com, or contact us at 800-897-3202, and by FAX at 800-397-7633.





PCI EDUCATION was founded in 1991 by Janie Haugen-McLane and Jeff McLane with a vision of improving the quality of life for every learner. Unable to locate instructional programs that were both effective and enjoyable for learners, Janie Haugen-McLane began creating her own programs "out of necessity."

Ms. Haugen-McLane designed a curriculum to teach children and adults with mental retardation and developmental disabilities to be successful in the subject of "life." In hopes of engaging these individuals, Haugen-McLane opted for a board game format over the standard methods of instruction. Her first games, created from foam board and stickers, taught basic skills, necessary for handling "real-life" situations, with each game focusing on a specific skill area. PCI started with the fundamental guiding principle to teach individuals basic life skills by creating stimulating, learning environments that nurture personal and academic growth. In doing so, they created a unique and important presence in the industry. This fundamental principal guides us today, as it did when PCI first began.

Today, PCI is the publisher of more than 500 proprietary products for individuals with varying abilities and learning differences. While PCI's comprehensive life skills programs have been a mainstay since their introduction, the core product line has been dramatically expanded to encompass new markets, curriculum areas, and product formats.

Presently, PCI EDUCATION, a San Antonio-based company, is a successful marketer and publisher of supplemental instructional materials. PCI's contributing authors and full-time staff of educators design products for several markets. These include special education, at-risk, ESL, and adult education. The company markets its proprietary products, as well as products distributed for other publishers, through a growing outside sales force, educational conferences, a comprehensive web site, and by direct mail. PCI publishes several market-specific catalogs semiannually, corresponding to the academic school year. These catalogs are mailed to approximately 6 million teachers and administrators in school districts nationwide. Our next phase of growth is concentrating on continuing to build a national outside sales force. PCI attributes most of its prosperity to our products, both print and technology, that are unique in the marketplace in their approach to offering curriculum content in the context of real-world applications and settings.

This fusion of content and real-world applications is accomplished through the collaborative efforts of PCI's in-house creative department and staff of educators, including experts in the field of special education, learning disabilities, ESL, and adult education. PCI's team of educators, authors, editors, and designers works closely to create innovative programs with "real-life" applications, placing particular emphasis on quality and educational value.

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